X010 - Blue Light Filter Glasses (New!)

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Purchase a pair of Blue Light Filter Glasses at our promo price of $32.90 only (U.P $39.90)! Also, receive a classy PU soft leather spectacle case FREE!

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If your job requires you to spend hours and hours a day staring at the computer screen, and then you come back home to find yourself continuing to stare at another, smaller screen, i.e your smartphone, then you’re bound to experience eye discomfort, tiredness and headaches by the end of the day. These are symptoms of digital eye strain (DES) that is caused by exposure to the blue light emitting from the screen for long hours.

Wearing blue light filter glasses can help reduce DES by blocking the blue light from your screens. These glasses are adorably chic and serve as a protective gear for your precious eyes.


  • Made of lightweight plastic frame
  • Untinted, anti-glare professional lenses
  • No prescription
  • Unisex chic design
  • Available in 4 attractive colours!